New York City – Gates to Trance Heaven

I’m a New Yorker. Not born here, but bred here. I love everything about this vibrant city, I equally hate many things about this complicated city. However, one thing I can never complain about is the diverse music scene here — whether it is blaring in lounges, clubs, upscale bars, house parties in the city, Queens or Brooklyn. Yes, I will speak for those three specific boroughs because I’m usually laughing and dancing in spots around there.

I’m a huge trance music fan. When I say huge, I mean YUUUUUGE in Sanders term – I am absolutely taken with everything about this genre of music. I love how listening to Mir Omar’s podcast, Gareth Emery’s EFL or Anjuna Deep’s podcast at work keeps me motivated. I love how Above & Beyond, Eric Prydz, Gai Barone music keeps me healthy emotionally. I love how Armin Van Buuren & Araab Muzik makes me want to put on some fresh heels and simply dance away.

I have been to EDCNY festivals few times, I have seen Armin Van Buuren, Above & Beyond, Andrew Bayer perform magical 5 hour long sets in Madison Square Garden, I have been equally mesmerized with Gareth Emery and Eric Prydz live sets in Terminal 5 recently. The immense diversified crowds, the energy that emanates from the surrounding is just awe inspiring. There is barely ever any negativity, just PLUR.

I respect trance music, I appreciate pure trance even more. I love losing myself for those few hours watching these DJs spin the best they got — to which my emotions can relate to, can dance to without any inhibitions. I jump at the first instance when a ticket for one of my favorite DJs goes on sale and I feel so fortunate to live in a city so pivotal that these DJs need to include in their tour dates. I am blessed and I’m a bubble wrapped in excitement when I dress up and head to these venues to just lose myself in the magnetism of trance music. My mind is completely entranced and my heart is in ecstasy for that period of time and that to me is unquestionable freedom.

It can be at times difficult to explain with mere words what these legendary DJs mean to my life, my philosophy, my temperament, my ambitions and my optimism. Unadulterated happiness, my dear friends, has not one specific definition.

 Eric Prydz – Terminal 5


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