While I was having the time of my life traveling in Europe, I had received quite a few messages from women acquaintances or/and friends with a spectrum of reactions and questions.

“Who did you go with?”

“Why did you go?”

“Are you seriously traveling alone?”

“What tragic heartbreak led you to to embark on this journey?”

“How do you have the courage to do this?”

I ignored some and responded to few though with a side order of major annoyance. I wish the curiosity or nosiness could have been positive, lighthearted and more like “Tell me about your favorite cuisine” or “What was your favorite city?” because as an inquisitive mind myself, I’d think those are normal inquiries. But alas, I was stuck with a thorny end of a stick and the forever condescending tone that made me cringe and roll my eyes. Let’s be clear on a few things — I’m a grown ass, independent woman with an adventurous mind and when I want to do shit, I go ahead and do it. I don’t need to ask anyone and most importantly I don’t give two rats ass about sheeps opinions who are just robotic victims to their cultural and societal mores. I have varied interests and choose to do things that are organic, cool, inspiring and sings to my soul. I don’t follow, I don’t lead, I create my own path and I live for me. Traveling to me is a religion that has recently been awakened and because I understand the power of a passport, I plan to visit as many cities as possible, explore food and cultures, dwell in their histories and create memories that enlighten my mind, body, heart and soul.

I got immune pretty quick to the negativities I was objected to; i guess it would be a matter of pride and manhood if I had a penis instead but since I’m a woman, my choices should be cross-examined, pitied or felt sorry for. When planning, I seriously lack the patience to rely on friends/family to book tickets or argue with me on itinerary details; and I’m not sorry that I have the utmost freedom to wake up whenever I want in different cities, eat and drink whatever the hell I want and visit as many landmarks & museums I can without hearing groans, complains or how boring all these shenanigans can be. I’m very comfortable with myself and most importantly, I love and trust myself that I would no other. I didn’t have the time in my travels to be sad, feel lonely or wallow in despair because I was too carefree, running from one spot to another and simply in love with the different airs I breathe.

To answer the lame questions above, it doesn’t really matter who I travel with or why I chose to travel or what consequences made me travel because end of the day, this is my life, my rules, my reality. I will do me and people may continue hating or burning up in envy but I also hope that deep down, someone gets inspired and maybe live a little? or maybe not, who cares because these judgemental opinions won’t faze me and while all that yapping fades to echoes, I’ll still have the look that clearly says #ByeFelicia.

“Bizarre travel plans are dancing lessons from God” – Kurt Vonnegut


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